The Regional Museum Complex of Emilia-Romagna (Polo Museale dell’Emilia-Romagna) manages and coordinates 24 museums, galleries, monuments and historical mansions along the Emilia-Romagna Region.

The rich cultural offer may count on a wide range of typologies: medieval castles in the Apennine Mountains, old abbeys and churches, archaeological museums and sites, galleries, byzantine monuments and renaissances and neoclassical palaces. Giotto, Leonardo, Raffaello, Parmigianino, Correggio, Guercino, Carracci, Guido Reni, Tiepolo and Canaletto are part of the vast visual heritage that will let you enjoy the discovery of the historical and artistic roots of Emilia-Romagna.

From Piacenza to Rimini, in every place, from large towns to smaller urban centres, you can enjoy an elegant and surprising cultural heritage. Visiting Emilia-Romagna is following the thread of history, from the findings of the mysterious Etruscan town of Spina up to Byzantine mosaics and Renaissance castles. You can enjoy the usual way of visiting our museums but also organize particular and tailored services, to fit the best your requirements: thematic visits and tours, special and exclusive events, temporary exhibitions, symposiums, meetings and concerts. All you have to do is send a formal request: Polo Museale can activate different forms of rental for every site, to respond to all kind of needs, with a standard listing of charges.